A Little…Lost

I’m really missing home.
Some days are really draining and rough.
I question everything, kicking myself in absolute terror that I will never be able to afford to come home again.
I miss Central Park, with its white gazebo in the little rose garden.
I miss the streets of Burlingame Ave, the train station, the library, the oceanside, the pillars with its beautiful leaf design.
I miss the trees, the people, the quiet content energy.
It is where I started to grow into myself, and while I know I moved out here to force that issue and push that envelope I cannot help but feel a little…lost.

It’s Time to Get Started

I wrote a long draft for this first reboot blog post. Then I deleted it because I don’t want this blog to be focused on the past. I want it to be focused on growth.

I recently came across a post by Kara Benz (www.bohoberry.com) called “Level 10 life + Level 10 Goals” where she describes what her life looks like maxed out at level 10 and how to get there. I loved that idea, so I will be incorporating that into my bullet journal!


Here is what my level 10 life looks like:

Spending time with friends outside of work throughout the week and weekend, as well as being in more regular contact with loved ones back home.

Be able to cook a variety of delicious meals for myself and for loved ones.

Writing creatively on a regular basis, really participating in the writing community.

Nurturing my photography habit more.

Connected with nature on a deeper level, spending more time in the forests and by the lakes.

Feeling beautiful and strong and good.

Exploring and learning about new cultures.

Being physically healthy and fit.


I’m excited and hopeful for using this blogspace to share my journey towards my level 10 life!